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Discover the Original plant-based protein

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Tempeh West is a registered 501c3 non-profit. We are on a mission to elevate the profile of tempeh and help individuals and companies understand the health and taste qualities of this plant-based superfood.

You can help to support us by signing up to our newsletter, trying out a new tempeh recipe, or sharing a kind donation to help us promote tempeh to a wider community.


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Are you a tempeh maker or business?


Nominate yourself or someone you know for our 'Faces of Tempeh' campaign for a chance to be featured on our website and other exciting tempeh initiatives!

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make tempeh at home. delicious, fresh, and easy!

Support Tempeh West and purchase an at-home fermented tempeh kit to create your own delicious homemade tempeh. all proceeds go to support Tempeh West, a registered 501c3 non profit.

Community Garden


Start a conversation with fellow tempeh fans on our new Facebook page. You can share recipes, ask for tips, and hear about our latest promotions.

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